Storagepipe Online Backup Opens New Texas Datacenter


In response to customer demand, Storagepipe has expanded its operations and opened a new datacenter in Dallas, TX.

This new location provides Storagepipe with a more distributed geographic footprint for companies with diverse and complex cloud requirements.
Storagepipe’s Dallas datacentre offers state-of-the-art security and compliance features to ensure that information protected in the cloud is treated with a level of security that is equal to or greater than what customers may be receiving through their on-premises, self-managed data backup and business continuity processes… but for a fraction of the cost and without any of the inconvenience.

Key security features include:

Onsite datacenter security guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Video surveillance and recording of the exterior and interior of each facility
Biometric and key card security for rigid access control
Turn style doors to prevent tail-gating
Reinforced physical structure including concrete bollards, steel-lined walls, bulletproof glass and perimeter fencing
Dedicated data halls, suites, and cages for customized solutions
Facilities in compliance with FISMA, HIPAA and PCI DSS

Benefits for Oil & Gas and Energy

The Oil & Gas and energy industries have undergone a dramatic transformation within recent years. Organizations in this market are becoming increasingly reliant on data, and the leaders in this space are those who are able to extract business value through the collection, analysis and sharing of information.
Storagepipe’s new datacenter is located within — and connected directly to — one of the most important data interconnects for the Oil & Gas and Energy industries. This makes Storagepipe an ideal, cost-effective and convenient option for protecting data for companies in these industries.
And with many industry customers already using Storagepipe for years, the company has significant experience in addressing the unique data protection requirements of this sector.

Benefits for Resellers and Partners

White-Label and Wholesale Partners — such as Managed Services Providers, VARs and telecom providers — were also consulted during the conception of this new datacenter, as they saw value in having a site which had direct connectivity to a major communications hub. This facilitates rapid, low-latency data transfers and provide a competitive advantage in attracting SMB and Enterprise customers.

According to Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin:

“This new datacenter launch represents an important step in our company’s evolution. We aim to provide the broadest range of services, backed by professional and attentive support and we also recognize that certain markets and industries have unmet requirements which require specialization from cloud services.”

More About Storagepipe:

Storagepipe has been a leading full-service provider of off-site backup and disaster recovery services since 2001. Storagepipe’s portfolio of online backup, business continuity, archiving and disaster recovery services are available either directly or through Storagepipe’s broad network of white label and wholesale partners.

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