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CP24 is Toronto’s leading local news network, which focuses on issues that are relevant to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Although CP24 has a local focus, there is also a strong focus on national and international news that might be of importance to people living within the GTA.

In order to cover new emerging business trends coming out of the GTA, CP24 approached Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin for an interview about Storagepipe and its unique approach to managed services.

This interview was in response to a serious threat that was affecting businesses in the GTA, where businesses had not been taking adequate measures in protecting the security and integrity of their business data.

Rodin gives good advice for businesses looking to implement a secure backup process, and some tips on how to locate the right managed storage provider for your data protection needs.

More about CP24:

CP24 is unique in that it provides 9 simultaneous streams of information on-screen, ensuring that viewers can get the information they need in a format that’s both relevant and condensed. CP 24 maintains a perpetual broadcast schedule on their main news stream, covering the most important issues that matter to viewers.

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