Storagepipe Donates to Philippines’ Disaster Relief


Offsite backup provider Storagepipe has announced that they are donating to the disaster relief efforts in the Philippines in hopes of providing needed supplies and resources to those affected by the recent natural disaster.

Earlier this month, Typhoon Haiyan passed through the Philippines, causing one of the most significant tragedies in the country’s history.

Since the Filipino community extends internationally, this event has also hit close to home with many of Storagepipe’s clients, employees and friends. That’s why the company has decided to respond by donating to help those in need.

For the past 5 consecutive years, Storagepipe has been making annual holiday donations to Disaster Aid Canada, an organization which sends resources to assist those who have been hit by natural disasters and catastrophic events.

In light of recent events, this year’s contribution will be made earlier in order to provide immediate assistance to the affected areas in the Philippines, where this assistance is urgently needed.

As a Canadian disaster relief agency, Disaster Aid Canada is responding to the need for shelter, comfort, water and other necessities by sending as many of their specialty Disaster Aid Relief Kits to the Philippines as soon as possible.

According to Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin:

“Since business continuity is a primary area of focus for our company, we’ve seen — first-hand — how even minor natural disasters can have catastrophic effects on the lives of those affected. With an event of this scale, where entire communities have been devastated, we saw urgency in taking action, and a responsibility to make a contribution to the aid efforts.”

Disaster Aid Canada’s first full container is expected leave for the Philippines from Disaster Aid Canada’s Victoria, BC warehouse by November 23rd 2013. All donations received will go towards providing more Disaster Aid Kits.

In Storagepipe’s YouTube channel, you can view more information about Disaster Aid Canada:

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