Storagepipe Knows Backup, But Can They Rap?


Over the past year, we’ve managed to build up one of the deepest YouTube channels devoted exclusively to education in the field of backup, data protection, and storage management. Our aim is to create a truly exceptional resource which can be used by technology professionals gain a better understanding of how current trends in technology are affecting their data, information and storage.

Of course, life isn’t just books and study. Sometimes, you’ve got to break loose and have some fun.

By far, the most popular video on our channel has been our “Did You Know” viral video from last year. In the short time since we’ve released it, it’s been viewed over 20,000 times! However, we couldn’t just let this go. We wanted to shatter this record with something even more sensational. So I present our latest viral video!

It’s a gangster rap video all about the hard-knock-life that IT people have to live. At Storagepipe, we have much love for all of the IT professionals that keep the world safely spinning. So this video is dedicated to them.

If this song makes it sound like IT people have a tough job, it’s because they do! That’s why it helps to automate as many IT tasks as you can. And our Fastback DR online backup service is the ultimate data protection solution for this:

    • Recover data incredibly fast
    • Full bare-metal recovery to dissimilar hardware or virtual machines
    • Specialized features for Exchange and SQL
    • Fully-automated backup for less than the price of off-site tape handling and storage
    • Data is stored in Canada and never crosses the border

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