Interview Highlight: Veeam Cloud Connect through Veeam Cloud Partners (for VMware, Hyper-V)


This clip is from a recent interview with Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin, about Storagepipe’s unique approach to delivering Veeam backup for virtualized systems. Storagepipe is a Veeam partner, offering services through Veeam Cloud Connect, which provides an easy way to host backups in the cloud.

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I understand. And I see Veeam DR. Can you give us information about Veeam DR and how that works?


Sure, absolutely. Yeah, no, we’ve been really excited with the Veeam product. We’ve had a lot of good success with it around the virtualization platforms. We’ve seen a number of customers moving their physical hardware to Virtualization, whether that’s with VMware or Hyper-V — those are the two primary platforms we see.

And we’ve used Veeam to protect those platforms. We’ve implanted Veeam in a special way. What we’ve done is, again, with our appliances we implemented Veeam in an appliance model where we deliver Veeam software; we deliver the hardware and we deliver the managed service around that to the customer, on their premises. And so that way we can have local backups and local recoverability for the Veeam system — from Veeam for their hyper VMware environments.

And then we use the appliance to replicate off site to our data centers. We are now running Veeam’s Cloud Connect product that enables many different customers to connect with us, to backup remotely and to protect that information off site. And that could be for customers that have Veeam implemented on their own, or it could be people that — customers that we have implanted Veeam for in a fully managed model.

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