Veeam V10: What’s New for Data Protection and Recovery?


Congratulations to Veeam for their release of V10! Storagepipe is very excited about this release, and our team has already been working with pre-release versions to get ready for the big launch. As a result, the team at Storagepipe is ready day 1 to provide our small, medium, and enterprise customers with a rapid and seamless transition.

Veeam is delivering a wide range of enhancements and great new features for cloud backup and recovery in the new Veeam Backup and Replication 10 (V10) release. Our data protection and recovery experts have been exploring what’s new in V10, and we can’t wait to share with you information about the many features that are strengthening data protection and improving the speed of disaster recovery.

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Veeam Cloud Connect Improvements

Storagepipe leverages Veeam’s Cloud Connect to provide a fully integrated, fast and secure way to back up, restore, replicate, and failover to the cloud. Storagepipe’s local backup appliance options, combined with offsite backup copies, gives a complete out-of-band protection solution where backups are taken and then automatically sent to the Storagepipe cloud.

Veeam 10’s new Cloud Tier Copy Mode will allow us to improve offsite performance by maximizing customer bandwidth and instantly copying changed blocks when local backups are complete. Additional protections against ransomware and malware are also available since copied backups can be made immutable to protect against deletion, hackers, and malicious insider threats.

The new V10 Backup Resume and Cache functionality for Veeam Cloud Connect ensures that direct-to-cloud Workstation backups never-fail, even when someone shuts off their laptop or otherwise interrupts the process. Instead, the data is cached, the process is paused, and the backup resumes once the Workstation is live again.

Storagepipe provides data security and performance for the cloud with WAN acceleration and encryption of data during transport and at rest to provide fast and secure replications and backup copies. With V10, this has become further optimized with a new performance mode that better utilizes your Internet and Wide Area Network (WAN) capacities.

V10 also includes enhancements for some platforms, such as the new Linux Backup Proxies and new Linux VIX Support that enable the same scale that you expect from Windows based operations, without sacrificing on cost and security.

Veeam Availability Platform Improvements

Veeam V10 further improves the visibility across physical, virtual, cloud and SaaS operations with the Veeam Availability Platform. Customers will really appreciate the complete solution to evolve the way they manage data, from policy-based to behavior-based. This makes it smarter, self-governing, and ensures availability across any application and cloud infrastructure.

Visibility and control via a single platform provide:

  • Orchestration of availability, agility, and acceleration across infrastructures and workloads
  • Monitoring and intelligent analysis of data and the systems utilizing it
  • Integrations and interfaces across a large ecosystem of Veeam and Storagepipe partners

Rolling out the new Availability Platform on Storagepipe Veeam Appliances to protect VMWare, Hyper-V and Nutanix is starting with the release of v10. The many improvements and enhancements enable our customers to modernize their availability practices, achieve improved data management, and ultimately drive better business outcomes in both a painless and seamless fashion.

Enhanced NAS Backup

Storagepipe has been waiting like many others for Veeam’s release of NAS capability, and it has clearly been worth the wait. Our testing shows an effective solution to modernize and simplify the protection of large file shares and file servers.

The powerful NAS backup, monitoring, and reporting capabilities come with built-in CRC support for rapid and reliable backups of NFS, SMB/CIFS share and file servers, eliminating the need for specialized storage for unstructured file data and servers.

We are excited about incorporating NAS protection into the overall Veeam service portfolio while maintaining the ease of use and powerful capabilities of the Veeam solutions.

Next Generation Instant VM Recovery

V10 enables faster restorations with their Next Generation Instant VM Recovery® Engine.

Storagepipe testing reveals significant advantages with the new Instant Recovery Engine including additional data recovery and portability options, enabling you to instantly recover any Veeam backup to VMware VSphere and Hyper-V within minutes – reducing your downtime and damage to your business.

We also think that the new ability to restore from disks instead of large VMs makes it possible to improve our customer’s realized recovery time objectives (RTOs) for bare-metal hosted VMs.

By working with Storagepipe to identify your priority data, applications, and systems pre-data disaster, when a natural or manmade disaster does strike, the Storagepipe team can further reduce your recovery time by utilizing this new feature to restore in order of criticality and dependency.


Storagepipe is pleased to see that V10 brings new resiliency features to protect from local storage or site wide production outages. This allows for recovery and rebuild from object storage, as well as new protections for public, private, and hybrid cloud with enhanced object storage integration, object lock functionality, and immutable backups.

These protections include preventative safeguards against ransomware, insider threats, and user error by air gapping for the cloud with intelligent immutability mode for Cloud Tier, new to V10. Storagepipe’s S3 Compatible Cloud Storage and our capacity tier options for Cloud Connect archiving ensures offsite data protection along with data security and redundancy.

V10 also builds on previously released security enhancements for Veeam backup for Office 365 that Storagepipe has already rolled out in our Cloud to Cloud Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 for a truly powerful SaaS data protection solution.

The Storagepipe Experience

Your V10 Backup and Disaster Recovery Heroes

Storagepipe is a trusted global provider of comprehensive cloud, data protection and security services. We have been a long standing Veeam partner and are excited to make these latest enhancements available to our customers to further strengthen their solutions.

Since 2001, Storagepipe has provided robust and secure Managed Cloud and Disaster Recovery solutions from a scalable multi-tenant infrastructure, supported by our world-class in-house technical team. Storagepipe delivers highly flexible and responsive solutions with outstanding value and service, using state-of-the-art technology to offer ultimate protection and peace of mind.

We are driven to be your trusted partner and to ensure that we deliver a Storagepipe Experience that meets your business requirements with the reliability, scalability and support that your business demands.

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