Why Office 365 Backup is Worth the Investment


Office 365 has many great features but full data backup is not one of them.

Switching to Office 365 is a smart business decision for organizations looking to enhance business agility, strengthen team communication and collaboration, and decrease the time and money spent on on-premise IT systems. However, you cannot harness the full benefits of Office 365, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive without investing in a good Office 365 backup service.

Many IT professionals incorrectly assume that Microsoft will have a full copy of their data in the event of data loss, but the reality is that Microsoft’s policies do not guarantee complete and speedy restore of lost data. In cases where Microsoft may be able to retrieve the data, the process is still slow and cumbersome.

By investing in a comprehensive Office 365 backup solution, businesses can:

1. Mitigate the impact of human error

Mistakes like email, file and user account deletions happen all too frequently and account for significant productivity loss. An Office 365 backup solution lets IT administrators easily retrieve purged files, saving businesses valuable time and money.

2. Maintain access to data beyond basic retention policies

Office 365’s retention policy includes a brief retention period, typically ranging from 30 to 180 days. Quite frequently, data such as historical reports and emails, are needed much later to solve business problems, serve customers and/or to comply with audits.

3. Adhere to audit and compliance requirements

GDPR, PIPEDA, HIPPA and other regulations require businesses to maintain intact records for multiple years. Data backup and archiving solutions can help businesses remain compliant. Businesses remain protected from risks of legal action, potential public backlash and financial penalties that are associated with incomplete records.

4. Stay protected from cyber threats

Ransomware incidents have been front and center these days and show no signs of slowing down. By maintaining offsite/cloud backup of all their data, businesses can take the power away from cybercriminals and face cyber threats head on.

5. Get peace of mind knowing your data isn’t going anywhere

Ask yourself, how long can your business successfully operate without its data? A good Office 365 backup solution eliminates that what-if scenario by providing full data protection and complete peace of mind.

Get Complete M365 Data Protection

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Enjoy complete protection for your Microsoft 365 email and data with cloud backup and managed anti-spam services for only $2 a month per user, plus backup storage.

Cloud-based spam and phishing attack prevention and cloud backup for Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are all included.

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M365 Data Protection eBook

Learn more about the reasons why Office 365 data back up is critical for businesses, and how businesses can best backup and protect their Office 365 data in our free whitepaper. Download Why Smart Business Leaders Are Investing in Office 365 Backup.