Case Studies

Metro News Case Study

How Storagepipe helps Metro News stay agile and responsive to change.

Adidas Canada Case Study

Discover why Adidas Canada has been securing their Canadian data through Storagepipe for over a decade.

CentreCorp Case Study

How Storagepipe helps CenterCorp manage change and complexity.


Ransomware Series: Best Practices eBook

Critical steps to evaluate your risk level, protect your business, and rapidly recover from data disasters.

Ransomware Series: 2020 Forecast eBook

An informed prediction around ransomware and its impacts on organizations worldwide in 2020.

Ransomware Series: 2019 Snapshot eBook

A retrospective around ransomware and its impacts in 2019, and what it means for your organization or business.

Disaster Recovery as a Service DRaaS Planning

A template to inventory your organization’s IT infrastructure and critical information, and to develop a detailed plan to restore service and recover from disaster.

How to Test Your Backup and Disaster Recovery

A complete guide to Backup and Disaster Recovery testing, based on years of real-world experience.

Disaster Recovery DRaaS Buyer’s Guide

Your complete list of considerations when selecting the right DRaaS partner for your organization.

Cloud Storage 101

A guide to understanding the different varieties of cloud storage, and how they work.

Why Invest in O365 Backup

Discover why organizations need to protect their Office 365 data in this brief whitepaper.

Becoming GDPR Compliant

A comprehensive guide to help you become GDPR compliance ready.

Backup Agents vs. Agentless Backup for the IBM i

A detailed background on Agent VS Agentless backups… with a special focus on IBM i (iSeries).