Plan to survive and thrive in the face of natural and man-made data disasters with this comprehensive Disaster Recovery DR Planning Template.

Hardware fails, hackers attack, data gets corrupted and disasters happen. Use this template to create your Disaster Recovery DR Planning template to prepare your organization for common IT-based business disruptions. Whether you are managing your DR Plan internally or are entrusting a managed service provider to enact a Disaster Recovery as a Service DRaaS Plan with you, the document must contain detailed, accurate and up-to-date information about the IT operations of your organization.

The DR or DRaaS Plan must present that information in a clear and coherent format that is easily consumable and – most importantly – actionable during an actual emergency. What happens if the key personnel that are usually responsible for your DR or DRaaS Plan aren’t available? Your employees or service provider must be able to follow the document and react rapidly so that systems’ availability can be restored based on the company’s established service level requirements.

A Disaster Recovery Plan needs to support the business’s objectives. What is the impact on your business if your environment is not available for your customers to access? Do you need to recover the entire environment or will a smaller percentage be sufficient for a short period of time?

This Disaster Recovery DR Planning Template is meant as a guide only. You should review it carefully to determine whether it appropriately fits your needs. If desired, our services team can guide you through the process to customize the template or create a comprehensive DR or DRaaS Plan that best meets your own requirements and goals.