Are Businesses Prepared for the
Threats Ahead?

The data protection experts at Storagepipe are sharing their insights around one of the single biggest threats to information security: ransomware.

This forecast will provide you with information on trending threats for ransomware 2020 and how they are predicted to impact organizations worldwide. Read our Best Practices Guide for actionable help.

For many organizations and their in-house IT teams, keeping up with the barrage of new and hybrid attacks is a constant, frustrating, costly, and oftentimes losing battle.

IT departments are faced with these mounting threats at the same time as their businesses are undergoing digital transformation.

Migrating applications, storage, and workloads to either a hybrid or fully cloud environment is already a reality or a near-term goal for a large majority of organizations.

By staying informed and prepared, organizations can continue to digitize and optimize in an era of rampant ransomware attacks.

Read on for insights on what’s ahead for ransomware 2020.