Pain Points

Is your Legal Practices Firm suffering these Data Protection issues?

  • Need for ransomware protection and data security with rapid recovery in case of data disaster?
  • Lack reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery for critical legal systems and data?
  • Challenges meeting compliance and regulatory requirements?
  • Need to easily manage short and long-term data archiving?
  • Facing increasing business demands and growth with limited budget and resources?
  • Want to increase collaboration and remote working capabilities while ensuring security?
  • Worries about support and redundancy for specific critical applications and systems?


Convenient, secure and economical – experience the Storagepipe Difference

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery with immutability options for ransomware protection
  • Flexible Cloud Infrastructure with management options
  • DR and Managed Services to meet industry-specific regulatory compliance
  • Cost effective short-term and long-term archiving for compliance for months or years
  • Scale your firm as needed with greater efficiency while meeting your security, compliance, management and budget goals
  • Microsoft 365 services including Office 365 licensing support, security and data protection
  • Support and disaster recovery for a wide range of legal software and applications

Critical Services for Legal Practices

Storagepipe specializes in solutions to increase your firm’s efficiencies, while maintaining cost controls. Our services are operational expenses with all-inclusive pricing options for Private Cloud, Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), Cybersecurity, Colocation, and Managed IT Services to ensure a proven and reliable platform for your back-office functions.

You can manage our services independently or choose to engage us as needed, giving you control over the access and management. We scale with you whether it’s additional compute, storage or other resources including managed services when you need it.

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Migrate to Modern Microsoft 365

Storagepipe can help you improve your operations with proven Migration and Management for your move to the cloud with SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365.

We have helped many firms effectively and cost efficiently migrate and ensure data integrity and compliance. We also ensure legal practices’ SaaS data is protected with Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 including backup and recovery for Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. And our legal practice customers take advantage of Long Term Archiving and protection of data for retention and e-discovery.

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Your legal teams are working more remotely every day, and Storagepipe can provide effective security and data protection for these critical end-point devices.

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service, Endpoint Security with Backup, Anti-virus and secure VPN access with Managed Firewalls can all contribute to a more secure environment and protect your users and client data.