Simplified Server Monitoring and Management across your network, hardware, storage and services

  • 24×7 server monitoring and customer notification
  • Threshold alerting with automatic event ticket creation
  • Advanced monitoring for network, hardware and storage
  • Historical trend reporting and analysis
  • Proactive alerts based on threshold parameters
  • Remote and automated remediation for common issues
  • Basic monitoring for CPU usage, usable disk space and memory availability, running services
  • Server maintenance and support with AV verification, updates and reporting

Complete Server Monitoring and Management Services

Free up your resources to work on projects to advance your business instead of tying them up with regular maintenance and management tasks.

Stay on top of server issues with your storage, network, hardware and services with Storagepipe’s consolidated professional Managed IT management featuring automated event ticket creation based on customizable parameter settings and alert thresholds, automated and remote remediation for common issues and dependable server updates and Patch Management.

Proactively predict and prevent costly and time-consuming problems by utilizing insights gained from historical monitoring reports and trend analysis to forecast and plan needed CPU, memory and storage requirements as your business grows.

Why Storagepipe’s Cloud-Based Services?

Cloud-based Server Monitoring

Storagepipe leverages state of the art cloud-based server monitoring and management technology to provide our customers with visibility into their servers, workstations and networks independently from their own systems.

Cloud-based Server Virtualization

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from server virtualization. Server virtualization enables businesses to consolidate their physical server infrastructure, reducing both capital and operational expenses, and optimizing server resource utilization.

Storagepipe has proven experience in performing successful Migration and Management and Disaster Recovery Services for both Microsoft’s Hyper-V and VMware environments.

Certified to use both virtualization platforms, Storagepipe has the knowledge and experience necessary to architect the right solution for clients.


Consolidated 24x7x365 IT Monitoring and Management

  • Avoid potential issues with proactive insights and alerts
  • Anticipate storage need growth for CPU, disk space, memory
  • Consolidate storage, network, and hardware monitoring
  • Catch cybersecurity breaches such as ransomware quickly
  • Easily add servers and services as your business grows
  • Rapid response with automatic critical event ticket creation
  • Customize your parameters
  • Reliable server maintenance