Pain Points

Is your Manufacturing business suffering these Data Protection issues?

  • Can’t find IT providers that understand and have worked with manufacturers?
  • Unsure of backup and recovery options and whether you could deal with a real disaster?
  • Concerns about ransomware and data protection?
  • Want to get rid of tape and managing archives?
  • Lacking reliable and comprehensive monitoring?
  • Limited resources stretched by continuous IT requirements?


Convenient, secure and economical – experience the Storagepipe Difference

  • We are experts at protecting and supporting manufacturing and industrial businesses with many references
  • Backup, DR and Cloud services to cover a wide variety platforms, databases and systems in use at manufacturers
  • Encryption for data in-flight and at-rest as well as Insider Protection and immutable storage to protect against ransomware
  • Easy short-term and long-term storage and archiving options
  • Private Cloud and Managed IT services including monitoring, remediation and Office 365 services
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support for all your cloud infrastructure and disaster recovery needs

Cloud Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers rely on their supply chain to drive revenue. If anything threatens the supply chain, it puts the whole business at risk. With an increase in global man-made and natural disasters, high operating costs and inefficient business practices, manufacturing companies are having to learn new ways to adapt.

In today’s incredibly competitive manufacturing environment, businesses need every possible advantage. Agility, scalability, and reliability are all key factors in the future of manufacturing success. Storagepipe understands the unique demands of a manufacturing environment and provides seamless Cloud, Disaster Recovery and Managed Services solutions that help manufacturers overcome challenges, stay competitive and drive growth.

Backup And Disaster Recovery For Manufacturing

Remain Agile and Competitive

Manufacturing companies create and store large volumes of business-critical data, from engineering drawings and product documentation, to supply chain and accounting information. As a result, manufacturers must ensure that data is protected and can be restored in an emergency.

Our Backup as a Service solutions provide your company with complete visibility into the backup and recovery process, allowing you to recover quickly in case of disaster.

Manufacturers are modernizing and increasing collaboration with Microsoft 365. Learn why you should also backup your Office 365 data as part of your organization’s data protection!

Ensure Security and Reliability

Business continuity is a primary concern for any IT department. If a security breach or even a natural disaster were to wipe out your IT infrastructure today, how quickly could you recover your data and replicate your IT environment to get back up and running?

With Storagepipe’s High Availability/Hot Site DRaaS or Warm Site DRaaS we provide a proven and reliable solution to get you back up in minutes. And our Cybersecurity services

Cost-effective Private Cloud with Predictable Expenditures

With constantly fluctuating material costs, increased competition, innovation and increased regulations, manufacturers IT budgets are increasing being stretched thin. Many manufacturing companies have legacy IT systems where the infrastructure is housed on-premise, has become outdated and needs to be replaced, resulting in unpredictable costs. Storagepipe’s Managed Private Cloud and Bandwidth services can help modernize manufacturing operations and provide predictable monthly expenses to avoid large capital expenditures.

Data Archiving and Compliance

Manufacturing schedules require near-continuous availability of infrastructure, applications and data. Government and industry regulations require the short and long-term retention of data, increasing the cost of storage for manufacturing companies.

Learn about our Data Archiving services and how they help our manufacturing clients to meet compliance as well as satisfy budgetary requirements.

Cloud Services for Redundant Manufacturing Operations

Cloud Infrastructure services offer tremendous benefits to manufacturing businesses who need to ensure continuous operations. Managed Private Cloud and Disaster Recovery Services (DRaaS) can all contribute to the success and resiliency of a manufacturing operation.

Storagepipe supports manufacturers with a very wide range of legacy and modern platforms including AS400 / iSeries Backup and Disaster Recovery as well as Unix, Linux and Windows platforms. Comprehensive protection for Manufacturers is what we are all about.

Disaster Recovery as a Service for Manufacturers

Storagepipe offers comprehensive, simple and secure Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions for all sectors of manufacturing. Our easy to use and best-in-breed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions brings redundancy to your existing data centers.

Our highly skilled team works with you to create tailored solutions to meet all of the unique demands of a manufacturing environment quickly and easily. Storagepipe currently supports many manufacturing organizations around the world. Let Storagepipe help you protect your manufacturing company.