Pain Points

Is your organization suffering these collaboration or Microsoft 365 Backup issues?

  • Searching for secure and reliable collaborative tools for your business?
  • Worried about recovering and restoring critical Microsoft 365 data quickly?
  • Want to make sure you can retain user mailboxes and data after they leave and comply with HR and e-discovery requirements?
  • Are your limited resources dedicated to too many manual processes?
  • Need to help with licensing and migration for Microsoft 365 and its many options?
  • Wondering about how to migrate to SharePoint Online and develop new systems and processes?


Convenient, secure and economical – experience the Storagepipe Difference

  • Create and collaborate across Microsoft 365 applications on the go or in the office
  • Automated processes for Microsoft 365 cloud security and management
  • Automatic Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 apps including Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business
  • Protect your Microsoft 365 data long-term with multi-year retention, e-discovery tools and easy recovery
  • Let us help you migrate and manage your Microsoft 365 deployment to optimize your spend and ensure you maximize your utility
  • SharePoint specialists to help migrate and manage complex SharePoint implementations

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Combine Multi-platform Backup with SaaS Microsoft 365 Protection

Combine best of breed software products both from third-party providers and Storagepipe to ensure complete protection for your Windows systems, modern workloads, and SaaS applications.

  • Support for Windows servers and workstations, including desktops and remote laptops
  • Protection from ransomware, user error and other data disasters with Insider Protection and immutability options
  • Combine Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 with advanced and proactive Anti-Spam protection for superior malware detection and filtering
  • Leverage 20 years of backup and DR experience to ensure all systems and application on-premise and in the cloud are protected and that data is retained

In addition to supporting Windows, Storagepipe also offers Multiplatform Backup Services across Mac, Linux and Unix operating systems for a consolidated single vendor solution.

Microsoft 365 Cloud to Cloud Backup as a Service

While Microsoft provides redundancy and availability for the present state of your data, it is not backed up or retained for short or long-term archiving or compliance needs.

Ensure that end users can collaborate together from anywhere with Microsoft 365 apps including Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Protect these apps and your business against user error and insider threats, malware and ransomware, and unexpected downtime with Storagepipe’s Microsoft 365 Cloud to Cloud Backup.

This service securely connects to your Microsoft 365 tenant and captures all of the changes to ensure rapid and automated protection across your critical Microsoft 365 apps for continued accessibility and reliability.

Specialized Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Add our decades of Microsoft expertise to your operations by utilizing our Managed Services for Microsoft 365.

Storagepipe supports your success with:

Need additional support? Ask us about our Help Desk Services, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Cybersecurity for Microsoft 365 Data and Apps

Storagepipe provides a range of Cybersecurity services and Endpoint Protection solutions tailored to Microsoft 365 and your particular business needs.

Storagepipe supports our customers’ needs for multi-factor authentication, malware and ransomware protection, and a quick and easy data wipe procedure in the case of lost or stolen devices to keep your company’s data secure.

Protect mobile devices and stationary workstations from phishing and other malware attacks with advanced Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus services. Ensure that your organization and remote sites are continuously protected with Managed Firewall services, and utilize our decades of experience preventing and recovering from data disasters with Storagepipe’s Security as a Service (SECaaS) offerings.