Storagepipe Ransomware Best Practices eBook

Storagepipe Ransomware Series:
Best Practices eBook

How Can Businesses and Organizations Ensure Data Protection and Continuity?

The data protection experts at Storagepipe are sharing their insights and best practices around one of the single biggest threats to information security: ransomware. The team encountered and solved numerous ransomware incidents in 2019.

This guide will provide you with information on how to safeguard your data and systems by proactively implementing data protection and recovery best practices.

As a result of increased external and internal threats, the question of how to best protect against ransomware attacks is rapidly gaining urgency in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Keeping recent, reliable, and ready to deploy local backups of your systems and files is one of the preferred ways to defend against attacks that make it through traditional security defenses.

Unfortunately, this standalone tactic is rapidly becoming insufficient.

Read on for modern ransomware best practices and actionable steps to take to protect your organization from attack.

Critical steps to evaluate your risk level, protect your business, and rapidly recover from data disasters

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