Pain Points

Is your Retail or eCommerce business suffering these Data Protection issues?

  • Managing different systems across multiple locations?
  • Old backup software that no longer meets your needs?
  • Lack of IT skills across your sites and locations?
  • Concerns about ransomware and data protection?
  • Facing capital expenses to upgrade systems?
  • Need rapid recovery for customer-facing services?
  • Always-on, continuous or unpredictable IT demands?


Convenient, secure and economical – experience the Storagepipe Difference

  • Multi-platform and application-level backup and recovery services
  • Modern Veeam Backup & Replication software and support from a Veeam Platinum Cloud Provider
  • Expert and rapid recovery for one or many systems and sites
  • End-to-end encryption for data in-flight and at-rest as well as Insider Protection and immutable data storage to protect against ransomware
  • Cybersecurity services plus monitoring and reporting
  • Cost-effective, easy and complete managed cloud services to avoid costly hardware upgrades
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support for all your cloud infrastructure and disaster recovery needs

Retail IT Solutions to Ensure Complete Data Protection

Retail and Supply Chain businesses are challenged with off the shelf solutions that don’t always meet the needs of multi-location businesses or the support and services that they need to be successful.

Backup is a good example of where legacy backup vendors don’t provide the necessary features to adequately service the always-on nature of retail businesses, or have inflexible licensing models that prohibit businesses with multiple remote branch locations to effectively protect their data or make it very costly.

Since 2001, Storagepipe has provided retail businesses with robust and secure Managed Cloud and Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) solutions from a scalable multi-tenant infrastructure, supported by our first-class in-house technical team. Storagepipe delivers highly flexible and responsive solutions with outstanding value and service, using state-of-the-art technology to offer ultimate protection and peace of mind.

Private Cloud and Cloud Services for Retailers

Retailers have turned to our cloud services to ensure their systems remain operational, whether that’s through redundancy and resiliency using Backup and Replication services, or through Managed Private Cloud services to run their primary systems.

Replication to the cloud provides retailers with the ability to control the replication frequency. Some retailers want to back up frequently, pushing data to the cloud every 15 minutes or every hour to minimize the amount of lost transaction data in the event of a system outage.

Other retailers are most concerned with backing up Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems even when their Internet connection is down – we provide local backup appliances with added cloud protection to ensure protection under these and many other circumstances. Your retail locations can continue to operate and backup locally even if the Internet connection is down. But once you are back online, the system will also automatically begin making an offsite Disaster Recovery (DR) copy of the data to the cloud, ensuring data redundancy.

Disaster Recovery is Critical for Retail Operations

A Disaster Recovery solution is a critical component of business continuity for your retail operations and branch locations. Our system, application and data Backup and Cybersecurity services provide cloud-based protection for natural or man-made disasters, whether that’s a catastrophic event like Hurricane Katrina or Super-storm Sandy, or a ransomware attack that holds your customer and transaction data hostage.

Many retailers use databases such as Microsoft SQL Server for their POS systems and transaction data. Our Backup and Recovery services cover all major databases and can ensure database integrity with application aware capabilities.

Retailers need to realize the importance of your data whether its inventory data, customer information, loyalty information or retail transaction and take action to protect it.

Protecting the security of your business with cloud-based Security Services (SECaaS) or Backup as a Service (BaaS) is crucial since there is really nothing worse than having your server crash or be hacked and have no protection or backup data to restore from. For retail-organizations, data has to be secure and backed up as a regular and automated process. Relying on individual employees in store locations can lead to manual and time consuming daily work on these important activities but more importantly can introduce costlier human error and IT problems.

Let Storagepipe focus on your Backup and Recovery so you can focus on your Retail business

The retail industry has unique and sometimes complicated challenges in managing their data. From POS systems, customer files and HR data – any downtime is consequential to the business. IT departments are having to navigate new threats paired with lengthy opening hours – leaving minimal system availability for Backup and Recovery, Archival and system and Server Monitoring and Management.

With a specialty in the Retail industry, we understand the unique requirements and challenges faced by retailer organizations when making decisions that affect their bottom-line.  We focus on helping retailers create rapid data protection strategies and utilizing the right software and processes, so you are free to focus on your passion – running your business.

Let Storagepipe provide your business with a comprehensive, customized, flexible and affordable solution. Our experts are available 24×7, 365 days a year to make sure your important data is never lost.