Archiving & Compliance

Effortlessly retain and monitor data to ensure compliance using Storagepipe’s long term data archiving services

With rapid data growth and evolving regulations, IT departments are having to figure out how best retain, discover and supervise content while being compliant. Storagepipe provides complete, end-to-end solutions   for data archiving and information management—all without the headache of managing archiving in-house. Storagepipe  provides managed cloud solutions for long term retention and deep insight into your data to reduce cost, complexity and risk.

Why Data Archiving?

  • Move inactive data off of production equipment
  • Keep point-in-time copies of important data
  • Quickly and easily retrieve archived data
  • Fully automate your archiving process
  • Extend data storage without infrastructure changes
  • Easy Access
    • For organizations that must store archival data for long-term retention, it’s the ideal way to ensure that this data can be accessed or retrieved at any time.
  • Infrastructure
    • Archival data is maintained accordingly to your retention requirements in either rapid access cloud storage or in longer term environmentally controlled archives  that are specifically designed for cost effective, compliant and long term data storage.
  • Compliance
    • Electronic Archiving services are ideal for companies with compliance obligations related to data preservation. And Storagepipe also offers WORM (Write Once, Read Many) storage options to ensure data integrity.
  • Resiliency
    • Eliminate any worry about media corruption, storage conditions, data retrieval, hardware obsolescence and malfunctions, media alignment issues, oxidization, and re-catalogue and sorting issues.

Compliance is the way we do business - not an afterthought when clients need it

Storagepipe’s customers are in some of the most highly regulated industries, covered by such compliance frameworks as HIPAA / HITRUST and HITECH, GDPR, PCI-DSS and SOC 2/3. Storagepipe has successfully supported and assisted many customers through regulatory audits.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance, Email Retention, and E-Discovery with Office 365

Office 365 has many great features but full data backup is not one of them. Discover why organizations need to protect their Office 365 data in this brief whitepaper.

Your business email is often the best record of important communication with both legal and business requirements to ensure that emails and documents are retained in a tamper-proof archive and easily searched.

With Storagepipe’s Cloud to Cloud Backup for Office 365, ensure all your emails are backed up and easily searchable for compliance by archiving an original copy of every email into a secure and immutable cloud separate from Office 365 for long term retention and preservation. Combine that with backup and retention of Sharepoint Online and OneDrive for complete Office 365 protection.

The Storagepipe Difference

  • Reduce risk
  • Control costs
  • Improve visibility
  • Simplify searchability
  • Meet industry compliance regulations