Complete Protection, Including Hardware, Software and Support

Businesses rely on proven technology and experience, while knowing that they can easily restore their data anytime, anywhere and from any point in time. Storagepipe also delivers the highest quality support services as part of our overall solution.

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Secure Off-Site Backup & Fast Recovery, Without Capital Investment

Storagepipe’s processes and technology ensure that your data is always protected. Data is housed in Storagepipe’s secure data centers, on redundant storage.

Central management and remote administration features allow administrators to operate efficiently and effectively.

The Online Backup and Recovery process is fully configurable. Backups can be performed continuously or automatically during off-peak hours. Communication is initiated by your systems, and your information is encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), before being pushed via a secure SSL/TLS connection to Storagepipe’s data center. All of the backups are also incremental, and only move new or changed data.

Storagepipe’s Network Operating Centre (NOC) proactively monitors the data center, operations and customer data transfers to ensure optimal backup and recovery.

A secure, reliable & cost-effective backup services

Access to best-of-breed solutions, without capital investment

Application support including email and databases

Local backup copy for fast recovery and efficient bandwidth usage

Multiple redundant off-site copies for resiliency and disaster protection

Technical Features

Incremental ForeverBacks up only the changed data from within specific file data blocks. Eliminates unnecessary data transfers.
Enterprise ApplicationsProtect mission-critical systems, including databases, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Oracle, DB2 and other platforms, through a single service.
Integrated Electronic ArchivingExtend data storage and protection capabilities for long-term retention while reducing costs.
Dynamic Multi-Threaded TransfersImprove backup and restore rates by transparently optimizing the number of server sessions.
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)Encrypt the data that is being backed up prior to transmission to off-site storage.
Intuitive User InterfaceUser interfaces that make backup and archiving easy.
Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS)Secure, encrypted conversations between backup clients and the off-site backup facilities.

Complete Protection (BaaS)

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