AWS/Azure Public Cloud Backup

Protect Your Cloud Application Data

The cloud is now an essential part of your IT infrastructure, and this presents special backup challenges. We allow you to protect your cloud data, just as easily as you would protect data from your own hardware.

Office 365 Backup

  • Keep point-in-time backup copies of your Office 365 data
  • Longer retention and better recovery options
  • Recover directly back to Office 365

SalesForce Backup

  • Maintain automated backups of all your leads, contacts and accounts
  • Recover directly to SalesForce
  • Advanced search and granular recovery of your SalesForce data

Public Cloud Backup

  • Protect data stored on Azure and AWS
  • Distributed restores to the cloud with multiple streams for optimal load sharing
  • Perform Full, Incremental and Synthetic full backups