AWS/Azure Public Cloud Backup

Protect Your Cloud Application Data

Don’t fear data loss. Our reliable and easy-to-use Storagepipe backup solutions for Office 365, Salesforce, AWS/Azure public cloud  and G Suite are guaranteed to get you back to work in just a few clicks. Let us show you how.  

Protect Your Organization’s Office 365 Data

Cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for Office 365 from Storagepipe. Specifically designed for Microsoft Office 365, Storagepipe makes backup effortless and recovery click-simple. 

  • It’s all protected with industry leading privacy, security, and compliance.
  • Keep point-in-time backup copies of your Office 365 data. 
  • Longer retention and better recovery options 
  • Recover directly back to Office 365 

Protect Your Salesforce Data And Your Organization

Back it all upautomated backup and recovery that you can trust for Salesforce data, metadata, attachments, customizations, and Chatter messages. 

  • Maintain automated backups of all your leads, contacts and accounts 
  • Recover directly to SalesForce 
  • Advanced search and granular recovery of your SalesForce data 
  • Strongest SSL Encryption  

Azure And AWS Public Cloud Backup

Swiftly and easily backup your data from public cloud providers such as Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our advanced backup features make your life easier, while saving you time and money. With Storagepipe, your cloud backups are immediately available whenever you need to restore your data. 

  • Protect data stored on Azure and AWS 
  • Distributed restores to the cloud with multiple streams for optimal load sharing 
  • Perform Full, Incremental and Synthetic full backups 

Comprehensive G Suite Protection

Protect your G Suite data, and your business with the highest-rated backup and recovery solution in the G Suite Marketplace. Storagepipe backup for G Suite covers all the essential apps: Gmail, Google Drive (including Team Drives), Calendars, Contacts, and Sites. With no limit on storage capacity or number of backups, your organization can rest assured knowing all your critical G Suite data is fully backed up and protected. 

Advanced Encryption & Privacy

At Storagepipe, we know how important your data is. We make sure your data remains completely private in the cloud – whether it’s from governments, cloud providers or hackers. 

Our government-grade AES encryption of datawith unique customer keys ensures data privacy and protection.  We also encrypt your data during transit, preventing interception and providing you with a double layer of protection. You can also select the location of the data center where an offsite backup is stored, giving you control and knowledge over your business data.