Endpoint Backup and Sync

Data Protection and Collaboration, together as a seamless experience

Backup your computers, sync your files, and share anytime, anywhere – all in one complete and secure package.

Storagepipe Online Backup and Sync for endpoint systems combines the security and reliability of backup software with the synchronization, sharing and collaboration capabilities of a cloud storage solution.

For most people, digital information can be the most important assets that they own. That’s why a robust data protection strategy, including data backup, is absolutely essential. People also want a secure and convenient way to share files, photos and videos with family and friends, or to access their files anytime and anywhere from mobile devices.

That’s why we created Storagepipe Online Backup and Snyc as one integrated experience to protect all of your files. Sync files between your PC, Mac or mobile devices, share files with friends and family, and access files from anywhere online. It’s a complete solution for all of your data protection and cloud storage needs.

Storagepipe Online Backup and Sync is also easy to install, and runs transparently in the background. It’s the ultimate solution for protecting, managing and sharing your data in the cloud.

  • Real-time backup for the most up-to-date data protection
  • Online storage and file synchronization across multiple devices
  • Securely share files in a way that’s far superior to email attachments or USB drives
  • Simple and intuitive user interface allows quick and easy recovery in an emergency
  • Efficient data transfer and local file backup make it ideal for travelling laptop users
  • Manage users through a single centralized portal
  • Users can share a storage pool for better overall utilization and lower storage costs

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