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Backup And Disaster Recovery For The Financial Services Industry

With increasing government regulations and staying on top of cybersecurity, a considerable amount of resources are dedicated to DR in the financial services industry. Being able to quickly recover from a disaster is crucial for the finance industry because of the increased reliance on digital records and applications in the day-to-day transactions performed on behalf of clients.

Be confident you’re meeting data compliance requirements with Storagepipe’s Data Protection and Disaster Recovery solutions. From knowing where your data is stored to bouncing back from a malware or ransomware attack, Storagepipe provides your organization with safe and secure measures to protect your operations – and get you back to business in minutes.

Compliance Is Key

In a heavily regulated industry, where single transactions can literally be worth millions of dollars, it’s important that the disaster recovery strategy include a full understanding of complex regulations. Storagepipe’s solutions provide backup and archiving in a secure location with redundant systems to prevent data loss or compromise and with increased visibility into sensitive data.  Our cost-effective cloud-based disaster recovery provides high levels of encryption for security combined with a fast and secure network that’s ideal for companies in the finance industry.

Preserve Business Continuity

In this fast-paced industry, maintaining uptime is critical. Minutes can cost financial organizations millions in lost transactions and unhappy customers. If a natural disaster, a major equipment failure, or an outage interrupts financial transactions, your reputation may experience irreparable damage.

Storagepipe Can Help Your Financial Services Firm

Our state-of-the-art Back up and Disaster recovery services are used by a wide range of financial services firms to ensure business continuity in an emergency. To speak with an expert about our disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, click here.

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The Storagepipe Difference

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