Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Complying with governmental regulations is a high priority in today’s business and political environment. The passage of new government Acts and industry-specific regulations has dramatically changed the way companies establish, document, manage, monitor and evaluate their corporate data protection solutions and disaster recovery plans.

Whether you are a publicly traded company, a financial services provider, a hospital or any organization that handles private or critical information or large volumes of data, your data needs to be accessible and easily retrievable.

Government and industry-specific regulations surrounding the privacy, accessibility, and retention of information are creating new challenges for backup, archiving and recovery processes.

Regulated businesses and organizations need to ensure they have the best solutions for corporate data protection and compliance to avoid the being out of compliance with government regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA and SEC regulations.

Storagepipe has proven, cost effective solutions for data protection that ensure critical information is securely stored, yet quickly accessible to meet regulatory requirements and to provide customer peace of mind.

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