Small Business Solutions

Storagepipe’s Small Business Solution (SBS) is a complete daily backup application that operates over a remote secure connection. Customers can easily restore the latest version of their most recent backup as required. The service saves all backups through a 7 day cycle and Storagepipe allows for recovery of data at any point in time.

SBS is offered for Windows Desktops and Servers in attractive and easy to understand bundles and is billed monthly by credit card.

Unlike other small business services, Storagepipe SBS includes both the Online Backup and Recovery Service and the Electronic Archiving Service, which makes it easier for small businesses to manage their backups and control costs at the same time.

Storagepipe also does not skimp on the other important features that small business need such as technical support with a real person.

Storagepipe’s small business remote backup service provides an offsite solution that is secure, reliable and cost effective.

For more information or to order our Small Business Solution please fill out a Request for Information form and one of our account managers will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

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