Warm Site

Complete Your Disaster Recovery Plan With Storagepipe’s Warm Site Services

For organizations, having a disaster recovery plan in place is not optional – it’s critical. With a recent spike in natural and man-made disasters, many organizations are thinking about their business continuity plans. Having access to a cost-effective disaster recovery environment is critical for maintaining business continuity in an emergency. How quickly you want to be up and running using an alternate infrastructure is up to you. With Storagepipe’s warm site services, be up and running within 48 hours of a disaster.

Your spare datacenter

Storagepipe can provision emergency hosting capacity to run most recently backed-up system images in case of disaster. Eliminate the cost and complexity involved with dedicated redundant infrastructure.

Redundant failover infrastructure without the hefty price tag

Unplanned outages can severely harm a business’ reputation, and potentially lead to lost clients, injured reputation, legal liability, and other problems. A disaster recovery site can help mitigate the impact of those outages on production systems. Warm site recovery provides peace-of-mind that’s similar to emergency hot sites, but with a significantly smaller price tag.

Best-of-Breed Solutions

Eliminate vendor lock-in, while ensuring the most appropriate protections as your needs change. Storagepipe sources the best technology and makes it available in a pay-as-you-go model, eliminating capital risk from your disaster recovery investment. As your requirements evolve, Storagepipe can alter technology mix to deliver a truly customized solution.

How It Works

With warm site replication, we maintain automatic backup images of your critical servers within our datacenters. In the event of a major data disaster, your off-site images can be loaded into virtual machines in Storageipe’s DRaaS Cloud. Then, network traffic is redirected to your dedicated customer network in the private cloud until your primary datacenter can be brought back online. The entire process happens quickly and can be initiated with little more than a phone call from your IT administrator.

Spare Datacenter

The Storagepipe Difference

  • Proactive event monitoring, tuning and reporting
  • Tested and verified recovery plan
  • Redundant architecture without capital risk
  • Cost effective DR
  • Secure, reliable and scalable
  • Minimize service disruption