Backup As A Service (BaaS) For M365

Storagepipe has partnered with Veeam to create a cost effective and simple turnkey hyper-converged Backup and Recovery solution that delivers unified operations, cloud-like scalability, and one-click simplicity to protect all of your applications and data whether utilizing local storage or in the cloud.

Storagepipe provides a managed service utilizing Veeam Backup and Recovery to protect Microsoft 365 data. This includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, as well as Teams data.

Services Overview

  • Storagepipe provides a managed service to backup a customer’s M365 data.
  • Storagepipe is responsible for ensuring that all backups run successfully.
  • Storagepipe provides 24x7x365 support.
  • Storagepipe provides customers with the ability to monitor and verify their backups via a customer web portal.
  • Customers can view the status of all of their M365 backup jobs, start and stop time, duration of the jobs, amount of data that has been transferred, etc. and any alerts or failure messages.

Want to learn more about reliable Veeam Backup and Recovery Services from Storagepipe, a Veeam Platinum Cloud Provider and Rising Star Cloud & Service Provider award winner?

Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS)

Storagepipe’s Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution (DRaaS) is designed to provide a complete solution for disaster recovery of both physical and virtual servers from a customer site to a Storagepipe virtual private cloud (VPC).  Critical systems and applications can be started up whenever a disaster is identified.

Storagepipe DRaaS services are a unique combination of software, infrastructure and support services that provide a comprehensive solution for customers. 

Services Overview

  • Storagepipe offers both partial and full-failover options so that the DRaaS service fits smoothly and automatically with a customer’s existing infrastructure and DR planning.
  • Storagepipe’s solution provides Virtual Machine Replication for both VMware and Hyper-V environments. It replaces array based replication and offers a data replication solution to achieve high frequency Restore Point Objectives (RPO) and highly efficient virtual machine restore times. 
  • Physical Machines Recovery is also supported with Storagepipe’s warm-site recovery including Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) recovery into the customer’s DRaaS site.  
  • Storagepipe offers periodic Testing with both Partial and Full Failover for DRaaS/HA services to ensure service readiness and quality. 
  • Replication for vcloud director and offer multiple data centers across Canada and US.

Storagepipe is a trusted Veeam Competency Partner, offering proven Veeam Replication and DRaaS. To learn more about our DRaaS solutions, click the button below.

MSP Backup

Storagepipe’s partner program enables our partners to build their MRR revenue streams by levering Storagepipe’s end to end offerings for cloud, backup, DR and cyber security solutions.

Storagepipe provides a fully managed Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for SMB and Enterprise customers, including options for managed onsite Veeam appliances and data protection on a pay-as-you-grow, as-a-service model.

Storagepipe’s Veeam Appliances, are cloud-enabled Disaster Recovery appliances that eliminate the management burden, capital risk, and the hardware costs that businesses typically have when building and running their own DR infrastructure.

This solution also enables availability and protection of complex hybrid environments, so that customers’ mix of on-premise, virtual and physical systems, and multiple cloud environments are all secured.

Storagepipe’s fully managed Veeam appliances also come pre-configured with best-of-breed technology for remote monitoring and support, and once installed are maintenance-free with replacement guarantee.

As customers’ needs change, Storagepipe adapt its configuration or even ships new appliances suited to their requirements, without customers needing to purchase any new hardware.

Customers can extend their Storagepipe Backup and Recovery services with advanced DRaaS capabilities including Replication and Failover.

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Off-site Backup

Storagepipe’s secure Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect provides convenient and economical cloud-based remote backup protection for customer local virtual machines, physical servers and cloud-based workloads. Storagepipe enables recovery of these secondary copies of virtual or physical machines as well as ability to restore files, virtual disks or full systems back to customer environments as needed.

Storagepipe provides a Veeam Backup and Replication solution that easily integrates with the client’s existing IT and network environment.

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Services Overview

  • Storagepipe offers hybrid (local and cloud) Veeam DR Solutions for backup and recovery to ensure complete data protection for customers.  
  • We combined this capability with Veeam Cloud Connect to make it even easier for Veeam users to take advantage of Storagepipe’s cloud and specialized Disaster Recovery Services.
  • DRaaS services include remote monitoring and offsite cloud storage to create a comprehensive overall data protection and disaster recovery solution. 
  • Storagepipe, a Veeam Competency Partner, also offers Hot Site or High Availability, using Veeam Replication from the client’s production environment to Storagepipe’s Cloud infrastructure.

Complete Your Disaster Recovery Plan with Storagepipe’s Warm Site and DRaaS Expertise. Learn more about how our Off-site Backup solutions can benefit your business.


Marco G.

I would recommend Storagepipe because customer service has always been great to deal with and any time there have been issues it has been dealt with in a timely manner. Also using Veeam is user friendly.

Kim E.

Very knowledgeable, great service and always available to help with any kind of technical situation/problem. We have never been let down!!

Elena R.

Complete confidence in their backup system and ease of use!

Paul P.

Professional and reliable company, we are very pleased to have partnered with Storagepipe for our data backup.